About us

About us

Pokret gorana Novog Sada (Novi Sad Environmental Movement) is a non-profit, non-governmental and volunteer organization for protection of environment founded in 1960. with headquarters in Novi Sad that has a goal to gather youth and participate in actions of massive forestations.


The goal of NSEM is environmental protection and protection of nature through:

– planting and protection of forests and green areas

– ecological education and rising of ecological education of the citizens of all ages

– encouraging the active participation of the public in making decisions important for environment

– promoting volunterism


The work of  NSEM is based on the work of volunteers supported by a small professional team. The organization gathers a great number of experts in different areas like forestry, horticulture, landscaping, environmental protection, biology, chemistry etc. Apart from that, the organization is made of a great number of children, youth, students, volunteers and nature-lovers. In the organization actively work a few teams: Conservation team of biology professors of all the primary and secondary schools of Novi Sad, Trainers of the “Little School Of Flower Arrangement”, Team for ecological education of children and youth, The Green Phone Team and the Team for activism and volunterism.

The most important projects

Many important initiatives have come from the Pokret gorana. Pokret gorana has participated in upbringing of four parks of nature in Novi Sad, rehabilitation and revitalization of wild dumping areas, greening the industry zone around the oil refinery, completely arranging yard of Children’s Home in Veternik, forming Conservation team of biology profesors of all the primary and secundary schools of Novi Sad; we also initiated and participated in the organization of the I International fair of horticulture in Novi Sad etc.


Up to now, Pokret gorana Novog Sada has published four books:

– “Survival – manual for survival in nature”,

– “Little School of Flower Arrangement”,

– “Weeded home” and

– “Guide through Danube Park”

and three manuals:

– “The manual for home composting”

– “Manual for planting a tree”, and

– “How to properly treat the waste” .