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By decision of the Council of Europe Steering Committee for Youth of the , “Eco Centre Radulovački” was awarded the Quality Label “European Youth Centre” for the period 2015-2017. Award ceremony was organized in the courtyard of the ‘ECR’ where Mrs Antje Rothemund, on behalf of Youth Sector of the Council of Europe, awarded the  Vojvodina Environmental Movement with the official plaque=, which will be on the facade of “Eco Center Radulovački” in the next three years.









There were 18 clearly defined criteria, which are focused on the infrastructure, mission, programme, networking and development of the organization and its building, all in accordance of principles and aims of Council of Europe, and the building satisfied all the standards of Council of Europe, in the field of European Youth centers.


za CITULJUDear friends – a great scientist and philanthropist, our dear Professor Miodrag Radulovački, died at age 81.

Memorial service for will be held on Saturday, May 31st in 2014., in Ceremonial Hall of Karlovci high school, starting at 11 am. 

Book of memories will be open until June 7th of 2014., every day from 8.00 to 18.00 in the hall of “Eco Center Radulovački” in Sremski Karlovci.

In August this year, Austrian development agency (ADA) has approved the project ‘Danube Stream for Green Dream – Stream4Green’, applied by Vojvodina Environmental Movement and Mountaineering organization ‘Stražilovo’.

The project has started in September, and it will last for 18 months. The first two phases include infrastructure works and purchase of equipment. In the initial phase, parts of the funds will be used for the reconstruction of a part of the mountain lodge in Stražilovo, which was burnt down couple of years ago, for constructing a summer classroom in the yard of Ecological Center ‘Radulovacki’ and setting up a 5 kilometers educational paths for tourists, in nature protected habitat ‘Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit.’

Web site post (In Serbian): http://www.ekoloskicentar.org/pgv/?p=1880


Vojvodina Environmental Movement has applied its building ‘Ecological centre – Radulovacki’ for getting the license ‘EuropeanYouthCenter’ from Council of Europe.

The expert team of Council of Europe visited the building in the period between 23. –25.09.2013., where they gathered information, according to clearly established criteria.

With this information, they will determine if the building satisfies all the standards of Council of Europe, in the field of European Youth centers.

There are 18 clearly defined criteria, which are focused on the infrastructure, mission, programme, networking and development of the organization and its building, all in accordance of principles and aims of Council of Europe.

This was the last step in the accreditation process and if the report from the visit is positive, ‘Ecological centre – Radulovacki’ will obtain the label of ‘EuropeanYouthCenter’, for 3 years. The label will be accompanied by suggestions for further improvement, in order to regain and upgrade the license after 3 years time.

During their visit, the expert group had many meeting, including ones with the major of


 Sremski Karlovci, representatives of Regional secretariat for sport and youth, representatives of Regional secretariat for urban development, construction and environmental protection, national Ministry of youth and sports, Youth



 office of Sremski Karlovci and National association of Youth Workers.

Web site post (In Serbian): http://www.ekoloskicentar.org/pgv/?p=1895

Vojvodina Environmental Movement in cooperation with Young Researchers of Serbia has organised 5th International voluntary work camp ‘Wine fest’ in Sremski Karlovci, which was supported by municipality of Sremski Karlovci. This was the  3rd and the last work camp that was organised by VEM this season.

The camp was organized in the period between 15.- 23.09.2013. and it gathered 10 international volunteers (from Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Finland, Portugal and Mexico), one local volunteer and 3 leaders from Serbia.

The main aim of the camp was to animate and educate the visitors of the ‘Wine fest’ in Sremski Karlovci, on the topic of Roman Empire. To do so, volunteers prepared a 2 day programme and made costumes and accessories for it. The programme was divided into 2 parts. First was a street theatre show, including Roman soldiers, barbarians and Dionis parade. Second included workshops for children about Roman games, swordsmanship workshops, taking pictures with volunteers in costumes and tasting of Roman cake and wine.

Volunteers also had the chance to visit Novi Sad and to enjoy the Wine fest in Sremski Karlovci.
























pictures: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=633441383354790&set=a.291583160873949.74615.287348684630730&type=3&theater

blog from the volunteer from Poland (in Polish and English) : http://littlethingsmatterr.blogspot.com/2013/09/cakiem-duzy-festiwal-wina-quite-big.html


Seminar ‘Green circle of School’ was held between 30.08. – 01.09. 09.2013. It was organised for 30 teachers of the best elementary and secondary schools, which have been participating in the programme ‘For cleaner and greener schools in Vojvodina’.

The seminar took place in Ecological center ‘Radulovacki’ in Sremski Karlovci and it was organized by Vojvodina Envirnomental Movement. It was supported by Regional secretariat for urban planning, construction and environmental protection and  Regional secretariat for education, administration and national communities.

During 3 days, the participants had the chance to familiarize themselves with interpretative model for education of children in nature and characteristics of children of different age groups. They could learn how to make use of protected natural areas in order to implement classes in their schools. In the end, they were able to get to know with new work shops in nature, to work on the development of their personal


capacities and to make new contacts and partnerships for future cooperation.

Apart from theoretical part, participants visited the special nature reserve “Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit”.


Web site post (In Serbian): http://www.ekoloskicentar.org/pgv/?p=1886










“Recycled Circus” 26.08. – 02.09. which will be organized within the beginning of the tourist season, as preparation and implementation of street art performances. Volunteers will create and rehearse entertaining performance, to animate and entertain the youth, children and all interested citizens to join them in fun. The camp will be implemented with the idea of environmental protection, and most of the items will be made of reusable material, and the meals will be based on organic and vegan food.

“Wine Fest” 15.09. – 24.09. where participants will learn about the basic elements of Roman civilization, culture, and historical details from the period of their domination in the region. After short intro, volunteers will apply learned to work together and design and make ​​a certain amount of hand-made clothing, weapons, jewelry and other materials which are necessary for the public performance. Short performance named “The Roman civilization on the vineyards of Fruska gora”, would be prepared and performed several times during the traditional manifestation “Whine Fest” in Sremski Karlovci, to entertain, educate and animate the festival visitors.

At the end of September the town of Sremski Karlovci hosts a traditional wine festival “Grožđebal” which gathers some of the best regional wine producers. Vast audience and numerous visitors come to enjoy the stage programme and a great selection of wine and other products characteristic for this town. During this manifestation each year we organize an international

workcamp which takes place for 3 years in a row. Main task of the volunteers was to prepare a performance at the festival stage, on the topic of Roman Empire.

Participants took part in manufacture of armor, weapons, clothes and other accessories that were used most in ancient Roman time. Besides that they also helped with preparation of festival. There were 7 foreign volunteers from Turkey, Finland, Spain, Chez Republic, Italy and all the way from Mexico, together with 4 local volunteers and 2 young camp leaders.

They did a great job performing on the main stage and having a invitation performance around the main square of Sremski Karlovci, in front of many visitors and kids which enjoyed show the

Volunteers had the chance to get to know Sremski Karlovci first. A guided sightseeing tour was organized for them.  Also they visited Novi Sad, as well and had an opportunity to hike around Fruška Gora Mountain.

Within the implementation of the project “Obrazovanje na dlanu” (Education in a hand), co-financed by the Provincial secretariat for sport and youth, a team of young people has developed the website “Kliknapred” (Click forward). It was created as a specific database, a site that aims to promote awareness of young people, institutions and the public about the existence of non-governmental organizations dealing with non-formal education, as well as presentation of these associations. “Click forward” is a unique on-line database of non-governmental organizations on the territory of autonomous province of Vojvodina. The base consists relevant information about the NGOs involved, with a description of their current educational programs. The database, as an interactive system, enables easy access to the NGOs’ information and improves communication among users and organizations. Visit: www.kliknapred.com

During the last year, Vojvodina Environmental Movement has started the project called „Sustainable building of Eco center“ with great help of professor doctor Miodrag Radulovacki and Ministry of  Environment, Mining and Spatial

Planning – Fund for environmental protection of Republic of Serbia. Due to the need of the accommodation expanding and idea to create specific, sustainable space for lodging and education of children, young people and citizens of all ages and interests.

Construction of the sustainable building of Eco center, next to the existing old building of Eco center in the street Mitropolita Stratimirovica 5 in Sremski Karlovci, started in October last year. Our idea was to construct the building which will use reusable sources of energy and that will be energetically efficient. Systems and technology applied in the construction would be an example to different target groups, willing to learn something more about this type of contemporary “green” architecture.

The idea is to build the transparent space with demonstrative character, constructed on the principals of universal design, which means it will be available for everyone, in order to raise quality of life and
Work on the sustainable building has started with the wells -drilling and laying the 4 probes, each at the depth of 125 meters, as main the part of the system for energetically efficient heating and cooling for the entire building. The construction of the first floor is completed by finishing the concreting of the third base plate. The work ahead is completing the construction of the whole building and implementation of the sustainable systems. When the construction is completed, the building will be at disposal for the groups to organize various seminars and conferences, comfortable hostel type accommodation for customers of all ages. education.

Doctor Miodrag Radulovacki, professor at University of Chicago, Illinois, the ex student of Karlovacka gimnazija donated the funds for the construction of the sustainable building of Eco center. Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning financed the implementation of the systems which use sustainable sources of energy.

The great support for the construction was also given by Regional secretariat for Urban Planning, Building and Environment Protection and Municipality of Sremski Karlovci. The companies „LAFARGE“, „NEXE GRUPA“ , „REHAU“, „VEGA“, JP „VOJVODINA ŠUME“ i JP „NACIONALNI PARK FRUŠKA GORA“ significantly helped the project. Media sponsor of the project is Radio-Television Vojvodina.